Meet the Cast

Joanna Lamb:  Hospice volunteer who has been married numerous times and was saved from killing herself by a large dog named Tammy, who pulled her from a hot tub. Her mantra was once Fuck you from the bottom of my fucked-up heart, but now she records the last words of those she watches over.

Abby:  A twelve-year-old who spends her time playing in the cemetery and visiting the elderly residents of Pine Haven Estates. She is witnessing her parents' bad marriage and would trade them both for her missing dog, Dollbaby. She believes that "if you want friends who are a hundred years old, that is your business."

C.J. Loomis:  A young single mother — heavily pierced and
tattooed — who in the past performed sexual favors to get what
she needed but now does the hair and nails of the residents of
Pine Haven. Her own mother killed herself, and she is running
from the legacy.

Sadie Randolph:  A resident at Pine Haven slowly moving into dementia. She taught third grade for forty years and believes that we are all "forever eight years old." She runs a business she calls Exposure, where with scissors and glue and magic markers, she takes photos and makes things happen that never did.

Rachel Silverman:  A widow from Boston who retired in the hometown of her lover from long ago so she could see the place he had described. She has a low tolerance for syrupy Southern talk, lard, and people trying to save her.

Stanley Stone:  A once well-respected lawyer in town who has chosen to fake dementia and live at Pine Haven rather than deal with the difficult relationship he has with his son. He flaunts an obsession for professional wrestling and calls his room the Cell of Hell.

Toby Tyler:  A retired school teacher who rants on the state of education. She loves yoga and Emily Dickinson. "I am moving north in search of paradise," she had told her yoga class in South Carolina. She threw a dart at the map to determine where to go but doesn't tell anyone that Pine Haven was her fifth throw.

Kendra Palmer:  Abby's self-centered mother who is secretly planning to divorce her husband so she can get the life she thinks she deserves. She has always thought of herself "as a Scarlett O'Hara type and does believe that the end always justifies the means." To call her a bitch would be a compliment.

Ben Palmer:  Abby's dad, an amateur magician who runs the old movie theater. He was Sadie's favorite student and Joanna's best friend in childhood. He is building a disappearing chamber for Abby's birthday party. "And now ladies and gentlemen, I will make this normal ordinary girl disappear."